Painting the corners

paintingThe so-called. The fastest way to cut off the colors in the concave corners is to use a special angular roller for the corners. With an ordinary flat brush it is much slower. This type of roller is rarely available in stores. Można go sporządzić samodzielnie

Repairing a broken pin

Repairing a broken pin

In the broken dowel joint, we need to remove the remnants of the furniture pins, stuck in the elements once joined. To remove them, first cut off the remains of the peg with a hacksaw, flush with the surface of the element. Następnie wiertłem do drewna wiercimy otwór w taki

Sound insulation of pipes

plastic pipesSound insulation of pipes

Pipes for plumbing or central heating installations, in which the water flows, generate various kinds of sounds that are burdensome for the environment. The pipes also transmit other sounds generated in neighboring apartments. Nie należy ich więc puszczać bezpośrednio przez strop i zaklejać zaprawą

Chlorinated lime

Chlorinated lime. Synonym: bleach chloride. Chemical symbol: CaCl2-Ca(OCl). Prepared by saturating slaked lime with chlorine. It is white, soft, hygroscopic powder, requiring storage in dry places in tightly closed vessels. It should contain 25 do 40% active chloride. Przez dłuższe magazynowanie

Fire retardants

FIREPROOF MEDIA. Fire retardants used in wood, also called fireproof or anti-fire, should meet the following requirements: obstruct ignition, prevent the fire from spreading, delay the chemical transformation of the wood structure. Drewno zabezpiecza się przed niszczycielskim działaniem ognia przez nasycenie jego powierzchni roztworem