Attic furniture – Folding desk part 3

Attic furniture – Folding desk

How to make a folding attic desk:

1. The top of the desk is reinforced with battens at the edges. We glue them and additionally nail them, the heads of which we sink and fill the holes.

2. We strengthen the edges of the top from the bottom with wide strips …

Old toy – classic models

Old toy – classic models.

Probably older DIY enthusiasts remember them from their childhood – an object of desire for the youngest – Marklin metal component kits, from which it was possible to make any conceived project. Among other things, legendary, red racing car consisting of 122 …

Wardrobe under a sloping roof, part 3

Wardrobe under a sloping roof, part 3

Finishing the wardrobe in the attic:

8. If the wardrobe is to remain in the natural color of the wood, just pull the frame and door with furniture wax. We painted the frame twice with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is not dangerous to the environment and quickly …

Wardrobe under a sloping roof, part 2

Wardrobe under a sloping roof, part 2

The course of work on the construction of the cabinet – do it yourself:

1.A typical attic room, wonderfully built-in. Place for a wardrobe, in this case it does 2,7 m wide and 2,1 m high, counting to the beams …

Wardrobe under a sloping roof, part 1

Wardrobe under a sloping roof, part 1

The wardrobe placed in a recess under the slanted roof allows you to use hard-to-reach places.

Construction proposals have already been presented on the Internet several times attic wardrobes. However, the wardrobe proposed in this article is slightly different. Its specific …

Shadow in the attic

If we want to have a pleasant shade in the attic, we can use the following solutions:


On the attic windows, the blinds must be fixed like this, like blinds (photo on the right). Special models are produced, w …