Kitten made of pieces of skin

Kitten made of pieces of skin.

Take a look at your own desk or bookcase. How much nicer would that be, if she was on them, ot, even a hand-made mouse or felt puppet. Surely it would be nicer for you to solve intricate math problems. Just save some time and the right materials and tools. I believe, that your ingenuity and fantasy are limitless. When the first ice will be broken, and your corner is decorated, You should also think about your friends. you know, that our stores do not abound in nice and cheap trinkets, and these are the most appropriate for a name day or birthday gift, and for school Santas. You will take your own time, but you will save a lot of money, and most of all, you will make others happy, and self satisfaction.

Skin kitten.

To make this mascot (look photo) you will need small pieces of leather from an old handbag or briefcase and leather glue (np. wikol).

Drawing. Skin kitten: a, b, c) forms of individual parts of the kitten, d) finished toy.

Zrób z grubszej tektury formy poszczególnych części kotka według rysunku a, b, c. Use a colored pencil or pen to trace these elements twice on the skin on the left side, applying the form once with the right side, once to the left, so that after cutting out two parts of the head, body and tail closely overlapped. Next, glue the two parts of the head and the two parts of the tail together. Smear one part of the torso with glue, place in the places marked in Fig. la head and tail places, and then smear the second part of the torso and apply it carefully to the first. Now make the mustache and eyes.

Cut two white eyes out of white leather or imitation leather (they can also be oval), glue them and use a green pen or felt-tip pen to paint over the pupils. Make a mustache from black threads, previously smeared with office glue, to be rigid, then fold them several times. Glue them in the place marked with a cross in figure b. Put a red circle cut out of imitation leather or peel on the mustache, which will be the cat's mouth (drawing d).