The sink

the sinkThe sink is that place in the kitchen, where a lot of time is spent and many reasons speak for it, to put it by the window: optimal lighting, nice view, better use of the room and greater freedom of movement, unfettered by the cabinets hanging overhead. However, what to do in a situation, when the window is very large and the protruding battery would prevent it from being opened freely? In this case, fittings with a spout must be installed, which can be tilted to the side or tilted towards the sink. After removing the fittings, you can open the window freely. Therefore, some of the manufacturers offer special window fittings.

In addition to the dishwasher, you can also install a washing machine in the kitchen and connect it to the kitchen fittings. In order to avoid possible flooding of the apartment, install a shut-off valve in the kitchen fixture, which will interrupt the water supply to the dishwasher or washing machine, After work. Simple, installation is a somewhat inconvenient solution, in a cupboard under the sink, manual shut-off valve.