Walnut shell animals

Walnut shell animals.

Having halves of walnut shells, you can make small mascots depicting various animals, np. mice, turtles or ladybirds , (drawing).

Drawing. Nutshell animals: a) animal forms, b) finished toys.

In addition to walnut shells, you will need pieces of colored felt or cloth, oil paint, some plaster and wire. The nutshell will be the body of the pet, the rest of the body can be made of felt or wire. Glue the properly cut felt to the bottom of the shell with glue, np. wikol. Performing a ladybug, attach a properly bent wire, filling the shell with gypsum. Because the gypsum mass hardens quickly, press the feelers into it very quickly, legs etc. To delay the hardening of the gypsum mass, you can add some flour to it. If the pet has distinctive features on its body, such as: dots, stripes, scales and others, You can make them out of felt or paint them with oil paint (look photo).