Sealing tapes: first aid or permanent solution

Sealing tapes: first aid or permanent solution.

If we want to repair it quickly and cheaply, the best solution will be self-adhesive gaskets. They can be easily glued into each frame groove, because their width allows to fill a gap even up to 5,5 mm. As a first aid, foam seals can be used, but they last a year, two at most. PVC profiles with an air gap or self-sealing are more durable, the durability of which is determined at eight years. Their disadvantage is that they are difficult to remove during the next replacement, because after years they rot and crumble. Self-adhesive gaskets can be used anywhere, because they have different sizes and profiles.

Permanent gap filling. The gaps between the window frame and the wall should be sealed and permanently closed. This can be done with the help of acrylic mass that is sold in tubes. First, remove any loose crumbs and dust from the gap with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Then degrease the frames with a solvent-based remover. We fill wide gaps with a special foam cord and only then close them with acrylic mass.