Sliding doors

The exclusive sliding doors are fully exposed, because the materials, they are made of, that it is worth displaying them. Even metal elements catch the eye: exposed stainless steel rail mounted above the entrance and visible sliding mechanism with low-noise rollers. The glass door leaf hangs only on sturdy handles, nevertheless, the whole structure is stiff enough, that it does not require an additional floor guide. All you need is a small guide piece against the wall. Bumper at the end of the rail and on the floor ensure safe sliding and closing.

The door leaf with the glass insert is made in a sophisticated way: glazing is not built into the door leaf, and therefore framed on four sides, but only of three: the bottom is open. The glass plate extends all the way to the floor. In this way, the door gives a completely different impression. You get an impression when you look at them, that they are made of three separate parts. Material ratio 2:1 makes, that they seem particularly narrow. This is important in small rooms, because the door does not seem then as massive as a full single-leaf panel.