Attic furniture – Folding desk part 3

Attic furniture – Folding desk

How to make a folding attic desk:

1. The top of the desk is reinforced with battens at the edges. We glue them and additionally nail them, the heads of which we sink and fill the holes.

2. We strengthen the edges of the top from the bottom with wide strips 5 cm and thickness 1 cm. Remove the wire sticks after the glue is dry.

3. Brackets with a width will be an additional strengthening of the table top 6 cm (see picture). We glue them on the bottom.

4. Do tylnej krawędzi blatu przymocowujemy listwę o wymiarach 3 x 3 cm, in which we cut out the bracket 2×2 cm. This allows you to hang the desk top on a panel against the wall (see sectional drawing).

5. Dwa kątowniki aluminiowe uzupełnia blat. Before screwing, we drill and chamfer holes for screws. Attach the angles as shown in the sectional drawing.

6. Pionowa płyta wspierająca jest wzmocniona podobnie jak blat stołu. Screw a strip with a cross-section of 3 to the upper edge×3 cm, which fits exactly between the brackets. We screw the whole thing together with screws.