Stylish doors

Stylish doors are constantly popular. Regardless of, whether the wooden frame is filled with panels, fibreboard or veneered board, they can be matched to any style of interior design. Arched shape at the top of the door, precious veneers and dark colors of natural wood, they blend in well with a comfortably furnished apartment. Next to traditional shapes (photo on the right) more severe forms also dominate (photo on the left), which, however, can perfectly fit into the framework of a modern interior. The choice of material has a great influence on the overall picture: light pine wood or, as here, from pine trees, brings with it the bright colors of a sunny land. For this, the right piece of furniture and the mood is right.

Is it still a door or a framed glass?? that is the question. If not for the handle and hinges, one could judge, that it is ordinary, a narrow passage framed with wooden elements. The fact that we are dealing here with a glass door, it becomes clear only after looking at it for a while. With this type of door, you can create the impression of an open space, and at the same time acoustically separate both rooms. The overall effect is enhanced by the lack of borders on the bottom and top of the glass plate. If the floor is the same in both rooms, then the illusion is perfect.

In place of, where the transparent door leaf is too much of a disturbance to the intimacy of the residents, you can use frosted glass. However, then the feeling of open space is lost. A glass covered with decorative elements may be a compromise solution, which suppress a bit of free view into the room, and at the same time they do not obstruct the flow of light. When opting for tinted glass, you should pay attention to it, so that the colors are burned into the glass, thus standing no scratch and UV rays. interesting patterns can also be realized on glass using the screen printing technique.