Sealing new and old frame rebates

Today, new windows are factory-fitted with a profiled gasket with an air gap or with a self-sealing tape. The lower side of seals of this type is equipped with a threshold with fastening straps, which, by filling the milled grooves of the frame and sash, protects them against wind and water penetration. If, after a few years, the gasket begins to leak, it can be easily removed and replaced with a new one, properly matched to the inlet. Replacement seals can be purchased at hardware stores or carpenters. If necessary, one skilled in the art can also fit such seals on old type windows, however, self-adhesive gaskets are definitely a cheaper solution.

Seals in old windows should not be forced into the gaps. It is best to use synthetic gaskets, glued directly to the frame grooves.

Profiled gaskets are used in all modern windows. When they need to be replaced, can be easily removed from the inlet and replaced with new ones.