One handle battery

kitchen faucetIn today's kitchen, a single-handle faucet is standard, allows you to regulate the temperature and amount of water with one hand. The operating comfort of a single-lever mixer lies in this, when you turn on the water, you always have the other hand free. Some of the manufacturers have provided an additional energy saving function, to avoid wasting it, especially then, when only cold water is needed. For visual reasons, the lever of a single lever mixer is always in the middle position, for dispensing hot water. And this is where the lever is most often actuated – mostly out of laziness. The innovative solution is there, that the central position of the lever was changed to the "cold water" function. Single-lever mixers with a removable tip provide even more comfort – the flexible hose allows a much greater reach than a traditional spout. Regardless of the size of the sink, the water jet reaches every angle and makes work much easier, when a large object needs to be washed, np. tray from the oven, post-dough form, whether to rinse the lettuce. If necessary, fill the bucket with water, then you can put them on the ground instead of putting them in the sink. In most models, it is possible to regulate the type of water jet. People who choose not to use a tap with a flexible tip should at least choose a model with a high spout, so that you can freely fill a large cooking pot with water. A more practical solution is the combination of a high spout with an extendable tip. In the case of a high spout, the handle is usually located on the side of the battery, to have free access to it, even with larger vessels. It is often possible to shift the lever to the left side to facilitate the work of left-handed people.