A door acting as a vestibule

It happens sometimes, that straight from the front door you enter the hall or even the living area. The disadvantage of this solution is the free flow of cold air directly into the apartment. If the door is left open for a long time in cold weather, np. when bringing larger purchases or furniture, then the apartment cools down quickly. The solution may be a structure that acts as a vestibule, which they are composed of: border, doors and windows. If there is enough space, then it is worth installing a double-leaf door, making it easier to bring large items into the house. The vestibule must not be close to the front door. The gap should be large enough, so that you can move freely between the two closed doors. You must also be able to close the exterior doors before entering the apartment, to keep out cold air.

Small attic door

The complete development of the attic for residential purposes encourages the use of even hard-to-reach places, np. behind the knee wall. Here you can store unnecessary household appliances and many things that are needed only occasionally. Convenient access to places located under the roof slope, provide various types of doors, necessarily with thermal insulation and gaskets. If someone wants to mask the entrance to the roof slant, he can wallpaper the door with the same type of wallpaper as the rest of the wall or paint it in the same color as the room, and then it will be really hard to tell them apart.