Mechanical scythe for cutting hedges

Tools without an electric cable are especially useful for cutting tall hedges, because they do not restrict freedom of movement and make it easier to move around the garden. On the other hand, a tool equipped with a battery would not be able to handle the enormous amount of work, therefore, combustion equipment was chosen.

In order to prepare the tested model for work, the second handle must first be mounted on the extension arm (round) and the cutting attachment. The manufacturer recommends mounting the handle at a distance 35 cm from the gas button. Attaching the cutting attachment is very simple. You only need to attach it to the latch at the end of the spindle. Now all you have to do is adjust the carrying strap properly (it should sit below the waist, on the hip), fill the tank with fuel and you can start work.

The carrying strap, taking over a large part of the load, makes the work much easier. Pomimo to, you feel tired after working for a long time, who is hardly surprised, because the tool weighs almost 7 kg. It is therefore essential to balance the motor and the cutting attachment first. This is especially important, when it is at an angle of 90 °, and the boom is held level. Then you should pay attention to even balancing with the scythe with the slightly difficult addition of gas (the handle with the button is also turned). The relief belt works best, when the cutting tool is held horizontally. When cutting the upper parts, you have to count primarily on the strength of the muscles of the hands. Therefore, you should take short breaks from time to time, by lowering my hands and letting, so that the tool hangs freely on the belt. However, in general, handling a power scythe is not difficult, and the ability to adjust the cutting head in up to eight working positions allows you to accurately perform any job, regardless of the angle of inclination. The tops of shrubs are particularly easy to trim, when the cutting tool is at an angle of 90 °. Depending on the height of the hedge and the distance, you can set the blade at this angle, so that the top of the hedge is cut perfectly evenly. The long shank is an advantage especially then, when an obstacle separates us from the hedge, np. patch, which cannot be walked on. It takes a little effort to adjust the angle of the blade, for this requires both hands.

The mechanical scythe is equipped with a cutting attachment and is therefore more efficient and has a greater cutting force than conventional hedge trimmers. Even a large green area is trimmed evenly without any difficulties – this is how the advantages of professional garden equipment are revealed. A straight vertical edge is as easy to achieve as a horizontal one. The long cutting blade cuts branches quickly, regardless of the type of vegetation. The sharp teeth of the cutting tool can handle soft material just as well (thujas or cypresses), and with the hard branches of hornbeam, hazel or barberry. The branches are not crushed, but truncated equally, without interrupting the steady operation of the tool. If necessary, the cutting force can be increased further by adding gas, but this is of course then associated with an increased noise level due to the high engine speed. This is a disadvantage typical of all devices powered by gasoline engines. However, who wants to work quickly and flexibly, this one has no other alternative. Due to the relatively high noise level during work, you must not forget to protect your hearing. During the works, you also have to get used to the smell of exhaust fumes and gasoline, but this cannot be avoided. The engine starts to warm up after prolonged use, therefore take breaks.

The mechanical scythe is especially useful for owners of large gardens. Who is looking for a portable cutting equipment with high performance and power, can choose the model shown here. The choice of any blade angle increases the range of use of the tool, regardless of the type of hedge, and the long boom makes it easy to trim even very tall thickets.