Christmas tree lights as decoration, part 2

lamp lightingThe glowing tower in the apartment. The lamp in the shape of a soaring column is just a real hit. All you need to build it is a piece of corrugated plastic plate, of course, a chain of lights and an aluminum rod. We tie the board with three invisible nylon threads – so, to make a roll out of it. Two holes are drilled in its upper edge, through which the aluminum rod will be inserted, serving as a holder for hanging a chain of lights. A particularly beautiful effect can be achieved by using colored lights.

Illuminated transparencies. Artificial lighting to properly present our beautiful slides and photos to a wider audience. In front of the U-profile – made of two narrow MDF strips and one wide – two L-shaped aluminum angles are glued. I leave at the top edge} groove with the width of the frame for transparencies or a postcard. Bulb slots (set with 10 lamps) is performed with a drill 10,5 mm. The cable channel in the center of our structure is covered with adhesive tape or a strip of aluminum. The glued felt pads protect the furniture top against scratches.

Lights in a dark forest. Everyone will envy us such a forest. Place a galvanized steel sheet on the bottom of the balcony flower box. We glue the Christmas tree lights to it. Then fill the box with gravel or flower granules, so that only the bulbs protrude above the surface. Triangular tree silhouettes bend from aluminum rods. It is best to start bending in the middle of the bar.

Luminous sail. The sail should be unbuckled on the enemy of peace. The material and dimensions can be chosen according to your taste. To strengthen the cut holes, we used riveted eyelets with a diameter 11 mm. The bulbs are fixed in the holes with rubber rings (hydraulic seals) placed on them from the front and rear of the sail. The additional three eyelets in the corners are used to hang the sail.

A small chandelier. Christmas tree lights can replace ceiling lighting. Chrome-plated copper tube ring with a diameter 10 mm is the core of the chandelier's structure. A soft tube is bent around a round vessel, marks the place of joining and trims. The glued wooden dowel serves as the connector of the tips. Hang the ring on strings and wrap it with a chain of lights.

Zodiac sign on the ceiling. Let's move to the bosom of nature and fall asleep under the starry sky! For this purpose, from the sky map (np. in school atlases) we have to copy the star system of our zodiac sign. We enlarge the pattern using a copier and redraw it onto the MDF board. A small frame made of wooden slats on the rear panel is a suitable place to attach wall brackets and to store spare bulbs. We embed lights in the plate in a zodiacal pattern, we paint its surface the color of the sky.