Door leaves

Some prefer simple lines, others focus on original decorative elements that give the door leaf an individual character. In addition to traditional embossing and decorative borders, you can choose bolder solutions that emphasize the extraordinary taste of the inhabitants. They include, among others. Vertical, longitudinal cuts on the side of the door leaf and square openings, located anywhere on the board. The cutouts can be filled with colored glass, according to the decor.

Mediterranean indoor climate implemented consistently in every detail. It is evidenced not only by cotto floor tiles, specially painted walls and furnishings, np. stylish furniture, but also properly selected interior doors. One of the most sophisticated and extravagant ones is the leaf presented here, covered with a veneer of a rare maple species. The inner plate is framed with solid maple wood. Who wants to get an atmosphere of sophisticated splendor and luxury can take advantage of the presented proposal.

Apartment entrance doors do not have to have a uniform appearance and design, although, due to the aesthetics of the staircase, they should have the same colors. However, from the apartment side, individual wishes can already be implemented. Hence, some manufacturers offer entrance doors in two different colors, to meet customer requirements. In this way, the owner of the apartment can choose the color of the door leaf to the type of equipment. The door presented here has the color of light oak from the staircase, blue on the inside. The door frames are also color-matched.