Is it possible to pay less for energy?

LodowkaIs it possible to pay less for energy?
I pay quite high electricity bills, although I use it moderately. Is there any way to effectively save energy at home?

Refrigerators, washing machines, ovens have an energy-saving class assigned to them, denoted by letters of the alphabet – od A do G. The "further" letter, the higher the energy consumption. W 2010 In addition, three A + classes were introduced in the year, A ++ and A +++ characterizing the most energy-efficient devices.

It is worth paying attention to this when buying new home equipment.

A few rules, which will help save electricity:
• dla dwuosobowej rodziny wybierz małą lodówkę;
• pierz, when you accumulate the full refill or the amount of laundry, where you take advantage of the economical functions of the washing machine, np. "Half load";
• nie pierz w pralce w zbyt wysokiej temperaturze
• w wielu wypadkach wystarczy 60 or 40 ° C; np. if you wash at 60 ° C instead of 95 ° C, you will save approx 30% electric energy;
• jeśli masz gdzie suszyć pranie, do not buy an electric dryer, which consumes a lot of energy;
• regularnie rozmrażaj lodówkę i zamrażarkę
• gruba warstwa lodu na ściankach zwiększa zużycie prądu; two refrigerators- or three-door units are often equipped with two separate aggregates: you can then turn off the freezer, when it is empty, or refrigerator, when you are away for longer;
• gotuj w czajniku elektrycznym tyle wody, how much do you need;
• podgrzewaj potrawy w kuchence mikrofalowej (if you have one) instead of on an electric hob or oven;
• używaj pralki lub zmywarki wieczorem, if you are on the second tariff.