Flowers on the balcony

balcony flowersThe time has come to arrange flower gardens on our balconies. if we want, in order for plants to grow beautifully and healthily, we should care for them properly. They should also be properly selected: others for a sunny balcony, and others – on zacieniony.

Before we buy the plants, let's try to get suitable land, in which we will plant them. We can prepare it ourselves, but in the city it is quite troublesome. So it's best to buy a ready-made mixture in the garden store, matched to the type of flowers (np. pelargonia, surfing).

Before we put the soil into the containers, put a thin one on the bottom of the flowerpot or box (about 2 cm) a layer of small pebbles, coarse gravel or pieces of broken flower pot. Thanks to that, we will create drainage to prevent excessive accumulation of water in the pot.

The wooden ones are by far the best for a balcony. Wood protects the soil from overheating and allows the plants to breathe. If we choose perennial plants, a wooden case will also protect them in winter – before frost.

Plastic containers
They are the cheapest. Their downside, however, is this, that they are airtight. If they stand in the sun – become very hot, which causes rapid evaporation of water from the substrate.

Unglazed pots make it easier for the plant to breathe, because their walls are air and water permeable. Before planting the plant, the pot must be thoroughly soaked.

Just like plastic, they heat up quickly in the sun. Thanks to the glossy surface, they are an excellent background for plants in the shaded part of the balcony.

Vessel, in which we plant flowers should have holes in the bottom, that excess water drains through them. If we are going to use the old container – its interior must be thoroughly scrubbed, to remove any soil debris, in which there can be parasites and fungi. Boxes and hanging pots need to be fixed well on the wall, so that they do not fall.