Boat-shaped sandboxes, shells, turtle, car

Boat-shaped sandboxes, shells, turtle, car

Nice small sandboxes on the terrace or balcony in the house or apartment, is a solution for small children. Especially living in a large housing estate, where there is only one playground, parents want to create a little oasis to play with 2-3 a summer baby. The best possible option is to buy a small sandbox in any shape: turtle, crab, bow ties, car, lemons, or a heart unfolded into two halves. The latter of the proposed models is two in one, that is, a pool for a small child and a sandpit.

Large sandboxes with lids are good for the garden and for larger children as well as groups of kids. If it is going to be a temporary place of entertainment, a small plastic sandbox is enough. Turtles sandboxes are by far the most popular. They have an interesting shape and usually a dark green color, and thus they are not too bright and irritate the eyes when placed in the sun. Moreover, sandboxes are made of such materials, which are resistant to color change even with long exposure to the sun. Equally, let's not put a child in the sun for too long, only in the morning and late afternoon. In other hours, it is worth taking care of at least partial shading of the place of play.

A simple small sandbox in the shape of a turtle or a shell weighing up to 5 kg holds up to 70 kg of sand. This, in turn, translates into an expenditure of approx 50 PLN for sand. A sandbox alone in this type can cost from 60 to even 400 PLN depending on the capacity and diameter. It is worth looking at the two-part open and closed sandboxes, which are easy to protect on balconies and terraces against birds and in home gardens against cats and dirt of other origin.

In addition, a two-sided sandbox provides more space for two children as well as the possibility of using one of the halves for a mini pool. A large number of this type of products in stores with children's equipment makes, that anyone interested in buying a sandbox will choose the color, and shape for yourself. Children love everything, which is colorful and unusual, that's why playing in a cool-looking sandbox will definitely be a tempting proposition. Additionally, the turtle will look great, crab or apple in the garden, because parents certainly care about the nice appearance of their own plot.

Sandboxes for the playground and kindergarten

Sandboxes in playgrounds are a godsend for parents, who do not have the opportunity to create such a place for their children to play. Apartments in blocks of flats do not all have balconies, especially those in older construction, therefore, walks to the park or to the surrounding squares are the only option for a child to have fun making grandmothers, dig tunnels and make sandcastles.

These objects present large sandboxes in various square shapes, round and polygonal. But this is not important for the parent and his child, but most of all the safety of such places. These are public squares, most of them are not fenced, therefore, it is important to check that there are no glasses before letting children into the room, not to mention other soiling, which cannot be detected with the naked eye. Such sandboxes must be protected against cats, spreading various parasites, anyway very dangerous. At neighborhood playgrounds, as residents, we have the opportunity to influence the maintenance of such facilities.

It's worth it, so take care that they are properly secured. Large wooden sandboxes made of logs, the easiest way to protect it with a protective foil. Smaller ones can be covered with plastic covers. Additionally, sand at playgrounds and kindergartens, it should be replaced every now and then. If larger quantities are purchased, sandbox prices are not high, similar to single bags for private use. Companies dealing in such sales also offer the replacement of dirty sand with clean sand. It should be noted here, that such sand should be specially adapted for use in sandboxes and be certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

Sandboxes on playgrounds and in kindergartens are interestingly arranged places. It is not only a sand hole, but also additional equipment in the form of a cottage, slide, seats, benches and platforms intended for placing grandmothers. Climbing blocks are set up in very large sandboxes. They develop movement skills and if the child's leg develops well, a soft landing in the sand awaits them. There is no shortage of attractions in such places, these are whole complexes, designed to play and so designed, that the kids would like to spend time there, without being bored and feeling safe.